"At Burger" - hotel, restaurant

Concern "Burger" offers you hotel and restaurant "At Burger".
The comfortable hotel "At Burger" is located in the center of the ancient city Lviv, inside the architecture building, which was restorated in 2002. The hotel can fit 50 people. You will feel at home in any of 18 rooms. Spacious guest rooms, semi-suites and suites are comfortably furnished and completely soundproofed to guarantee a restful stay. All rooms are equipped with: bathroom with shower, television with satellite programs, internet, IP-telephony, pool-bath (in De Luxe and Semi de Luxe). The conference hall is available for business, leisure and meeting needs.
The hotel offers:

Two parking places are available near the hotel. There is also a place for bus parking.

VISA and MASTER CARD are accepted.

Coordinates of hotel "At Burgher"
73, I.Franka str.,Lviv,Ukraine
tel/fax : 38(0322)76-12-51,75-49-54, 296-65-69
e-mail :info@burger.com.ua

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Cozy economy-class hotel, located not far from the center of the city. It offers 17 comfortable binary numbers of benefits of in by all "standard" class. In each issue there is an extra bed. In all rooms - telephone, television, cable TV.
     The hotel offers:
     - Booking air and railway tickets;
     - Translation services, fax and copier;
     - Tours, booking theater tickets;
     - Car rental with drivers
     - Serving numbers of

Coordinates "Burger ... Plus"

Ukraine, Lviv, vul. Green, 109
tel: (032) 260-21-41, (032) 244-29-85,
e-mail: info@burger.com.ua

"Burger-Trostian" - hotel, restaurant

Concern "Burger" welcomes and presents you the services of hotel and restaurant "Burger-Trostian".  Hotel "Burgher-Trostian" is located among picturesque mountains of Karpatian in small town Slavsk, which is widely known as a fine mounting skiing resort. The hotel can fit 100 people. We offer rooms of different categories including De Luxe and Semi De Luxe. At your service two apartment houses, separately worth cottage, restaurant, bar, sauna, parking, hire of mountain-skiing equipment, a disco, two Russian steam rooms, 2 open-air pools, billiards, table tennis, pneumatic shooting gallery, fitness centre, sat-TV.
The hotel offers:

VISA and MASTER CARD are accepted.

Coordinates of hotel "Burgher - Trostian"
67,T.Shevchenka str., Slavsk, Ukraine
tel/fax : 38(0322) 76-12-51, 75-49-54, 96-65-69
e-mail :trostian@burger.com.ua

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